(Donny Schlock and Peter in front of Black & Blue Van)

Legend is back in 1980 Peter Yarmouth met GG Allin and they became good friends. By late 1983 after collaborating on a few cassette only releases GG asked Peter to fund his “Live Fast Die Fast” 7" EP and that became the birth of Black & Blue Records. Over the next few years through national advertising Peter funded and through negotiation with shady distribution companies got GG's music out to the public. Happy and sad for Peter as many times relationships ended up with Peter getting burned for thousands of dollars of non payment through bankruptcy protection. Regardless GG Allin became somewhat famous or should I say infamous. That all led to GG moving on to many different record companies, and many bootleg or indie releases. 

GG’s ambition and extensive touring along with the advertising and promotion from Black & Blue, helped GG begin on his rise to King Of The Underground where he still remains today. His catalog of records, CDs and Video rival some of the world’s best selling artists; his internet presence takes a back seat to nobody!

In 1986 Peter began to expand the label beginning with Algae Afterbirth's debut release, and soon the label had an identity of its own that it still has today.           

Music To Make Your Ears Hurt became the label mantra and it still rings on!


Peter teamed with producer Larry Evilelf and together they brought us Bloody Mess, Blue Nouveaux, Northwinds, Boorish Boot and The Cedar Street Sluts.

Then in 2001 tragedy hit, Larry passed away during the whole Blue Nouveaux sessions that eventually became part of both 10 Years After and Temple releases. Peter was devastated and it reduced the number of releases per year and the label was best known for the catalog.

Flying ahead to 2009, Peter relaunched Black & Blue Records again with a series of new releases most notably Without M.F. Order's Desensitvity Training.

And from there a renewed momentum leading up to where we are today!

Check out the artists on this website both old and new (check back soon for more on the new) and I’m sure you’ll find something to love. If you are one that strays away from mainstream corporate music scene, you will be right at home.

We Are Still Uncompromising As Ever, always shall it be that, you will find unique, raw, non conforming, eardrum splitting music. You probably noticed we don't select artists based on Karaoke skills.

We love our fans, hope we can say you are one, please look over our website, our videos, our products and if inclined pick some up, spread the word, we ship as fast as we can to people all over the globe! Or should I say, I ship fast, as thats my gig!

- Zach Minyon 2012