If Anyone Would...Holly Would...

Originally from Sunset Boulevard in L.A., Holly came to New England through her friend Ginger Lee. Eventually she and Ginger met up with Peter Yarmouth and joined Lena Luna as the CEDAR STREET SLUTS trio who recorded the LP, Cassette and CD Songs By Working Girls.

Holly wrote four of the originals on that album, “Boys”, “No One Comes For Free”, “UH-OH”, and “Boyfriend Blues.” Holly also brews a mean cup of Java. Peter recalls “One night we all got together at Holly’s place and I drank 2 cups of coffee she made, I never went to sleep that night and my heart was racing like a cartoon character with a jumping in my shirt. It was as strong as Turkish Coffee and I'm gulping it like its Dunkin but I got no warning before drinking it”

Known for her sexy soft voice a la Marilyn Monroe, and her love of animals including rodents, Holly was quite a colorful person in band interviews as well as onstage.

When Ginger Lee left the band to chase a member of Johnny Thunders’ band, Holly got her good friend Ali Trash to fill in for many a live performance up and down the east coast. The girls were very popular with other artists on the label and Holly became good friends with The Wizard from Algae Afterbirth’s band. One could say she walked all over him!

Holly was ahead of her time musically as she recorded some electronic ditties that are the rage of the UK and other parts of Europe, with 2 of her compositions being included on the first Music To Make Your Ears Hurt label compilation. Peter encouraged her to record a full CD. Holly began the project but an external incident put the brakes on it.

Two nights before the filming of the Cedar Street Sluts music videos Holly and Peter got into a dispute over the number of cast members that could be in the film sessions.  Holly quit the band. She was replaced by Rita Rude and the videos and band went on!

Years passed, and Holly and Peter have been in touch. Holly is still making music and finally her first full length release is on the radar!

Stay tuned!