Neverland Ranch Hands

The Neverland Ranch Hands have been molesting Southern California since 2007. Rippin’ through their live sets in 15 min. with their well loved anti-emo anthems like “Complicated Haircuts”, Scenester Trash”, “Your Life Sucks” and their honorable Michael Jackson tribute “Little Boys” Their live show consists of lottsa booze, blood, and plenty of shit talking. WATCH OUT AMERICA THEY ARE CUMMING TO AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NEAR YOU !

The Neverland Ranch Hands Are
Mucky- vocals
Justin Credible- drums
Bad Chad Afrika- guitar
Freddie Carbrawl- guitar
Jack Shrivelsack- bass

The Neverland Ranch Hands MySpace Page

The Neverland Ranch Hands were formed in San Diego, California in e arly 2007 by Mucky and Justin Credible . Mucky placed an ad on the local Craigslist “musicians” section and Justin responded. They had similar musicial tastes and ideas so they decided to give it a go. Justin asked his long time friend Bad Chad Afrika to play guitar and the foundation of the Ranch Hands were formed. For the first few months, the three of them practiced, wrote songs and tossed around band names, all without a bass player. Chad contacted his friend Skot Harrington to play bass so a full band was ready to get out there and play. The band thought that another guitar player would sound good, so Adam brought in his friend Robbie to play second guitar. Now that the band had a solid line-up, a name was needed. Many names were tossed around; Nine Inch Males, Black Beauties an d a shitload of others, but a friend of the band suggested The Neverland Ranch Hands and the rest was history.
The bands first show was on Cinco De Mayo 2007, and it was a good show. A lot more shows were played in Southern California with this line up and a solid following of fans ensued but it didn’t last long because practices interrupted SkotE2s cartoon and video game time and Robbie decided that playing wasn’t for him so they both said good-bye.
The band had to go throu gh the whole deal of finding a new players. Freddie Carbrawl joined on second guitar in mid 2009, and added a whole new sound to the band. He suggested a friend of his to play bass, Heathen Dug, the guitarist for Caskets On Parade, so a full band was ready to get out there and play.
In July of 2009 Peter Yarmouth contacted and signed the band to Black & Blue Records for a 2010 CD release and a spot on the upcoming Music To Make Your Ears Hurt Fore compilation CD.
Heathen Dug eventually left the band in September 2009 as he could just not balance enough time being in multiple bands so they quickly added Jack Shrivelsack to replace him.
Finally, the Ranch Hands have the solid, final line up they wish they had in 2007.

So Get ready, The Neverland Ranch Hands are out to moonmosh all over your emo lovin ‘ asses!